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GreenBridge Capital

With no prior website, GreenBridge sought a comprehensive solution that included web development, brand identity, and the integration of backend functionalities.

The Saidi Firm

‍The Saidi Firm, a leading legal practice, approached NFDEVELOPMENT with the objective of revamping their online presence. The primary goal was to create a modern and user-friendly website that not only showcased their legal expertise but also provided easy navigation for potential clients.

Ace Cuts Barbershop

‍Ace Cuts Barbershops, a chain of barbershops with multiple locations, approached NFDEVELOPMENT seeking to establish an online presence through Website Development, Marketing and Google Business creation and optimization.

Sunrift Electric

Sunrift Electric, a leading electrical services company, approached NFDEVELOPMENT with the goal of establishing an online presence.

Encounter Church

NFDEVELOPMENT was tasked with not only developing a website but also creating a brand identity from scratch. Additionally, the client sought comprehensive marketing solutions across Google, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.

Project Solutions Unlimited

Project Solutions Unlimited (PSU) brings over 60 years of construction and home renovation experience to South Florida’s commercial and residential markets. As a preferred contractor in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties’ highest-end communities, PSU is passionate about creating your dream space by building a transparent partnership rooted in clear communication and quality craftsmanship.

CITG En Español

CITG En Español (CITGE) is a local spanish church who's mission is to be a disciple and make a disciple. CITGE was seeking a website that would fully encompass their existing branding while creating a modern appearance.

NBCC Palm City

NBCC Palm City is a local church that was seeking a website that would be able to have a modern yet welcoming feel.

Sead Software

Sead Software is a SaaS who's mission is to streamline operations of the Small to Medium Sized Marketplace through the application Low-Code, No-Code Technology.

ARC Technologies

ARC Technologies is a company that was seeking a modern tech website that consisted of a home page, a contact page, and two pages to showcase their products the LRAE and UFLEX.

G&S Painting & Fine Finishes

G&S is a Painting & Fine Finishes company that was seeking a website to fully encompass their brand with a modern & luxury feel as well as beautiful content.

Aguilas Coffee Roasters

Aguilas Coffee Roasters is an up-and-coming coffee roasting company that was seeking a fully developed website along with full branding including fonts, logos, packaging, etc.

Elements & Surfaces

Elements & Surfaces is a stone distributor that was seeking a website to fully encompass their brand with a Modern & Luxury feel. Their website consisted of multiple pages as well as our "Content Editor" where they would be able to edit the content on their page without the knowledge of code.

Driftwood Capital

Driftwood Capital is a capital firm that was seeking a website to showcase their firm and open investment opportunities.

Perry Marshall Builders

Perry Marshall Builders is a builder specializing in waterfront Custom Luxury Homes in Palm Beach and Martin County who were seeking a website, digital marketing and content that would capture their mission and brand.

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