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Encounter Church

February 1, 2023

Client Background

Encounter Church, a dynamic and growing community, approached NFDEVELOPMENT with the goal of establishing a robust online presence. As the church did not have a previous website, NFDEVELOPMENT was tasked with not only developing a website but also creating a brand identity from scratch. Additionally, the client sought comprehensive marketing solutions across Google, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.

Client Objectives

  1. Develop a modern and functional website to represent Encounter Church online.
  2. Create a backend database to manage Sermons, Resource Center, Ministries, Events, and Ministry Link Hubs.
  3. Integrate an eCommerce shop for members to purchase church merchandise.
  4. Implement online giving capabilities.
  5. Establish a cohesive brand identity for Encounter Church.
  6. Manage marketing efforts on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

Comprehensive Approach

  1. Website Development: Designed a custom website for Encounter Church with a user-friendly interface. Developed a backend database to efficiently organize and manage sermons, resources, ministries, events, and Ministry Link Hubs. Built the website on the NFDEVELOPMENT Content Editor for easy client editability.
  2. eCommerce Integration: Integrated an eCommerce shop to provide members with a seamless shopping experience for church merchandise. Implemented secure payment gateways to ensure safe and convenient transactions.
  3. Online Giving Capabilities: Developed a robust online giving system to facilitate financial contributions from members. Ensured secure handling of transactions to build trust and confidence.
  4. Brand Identity Creation: Crafted a unique and cohesive brand identity for Encounter Church. Designed custom logos, color schemes, and other visual elements to reflect the church's values and mission.
  5. Marketing Management: Took charge of Encounter Church's marketing strategy on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Created and managed targeted ads to enhance visibility and engagement within the community.


  • Encounter Church now boasts a professional and visually appealing website that serves as a central hub for its members.
  • The backend database and NFDEVELOPMENT Content Editor enable easy content management, allowing the church team to keep the website updated and relevant.
  • The eCommerce shop has become a successful avenue for members to support the church through merchandise purchases.
  • Online giving capabilities have streamlined the donation process and increased financial support from the congregation.
  • The newly established brand identity has strengthened Encounter Church's online presence.
  • NFDEVELOPMENT's strategic marketing efforts across Google, Instagram, and Facebook have increased Encounter Church's online visibility.
  • Targeted ads have effectively reached the church's target audience, driving engagement and attendance.


NFDEVELOPMENT's holistic approach, combining website development, brand identity creation, and effective marketing management, has positioned Encounter Church for success in the digital landscape. The seamless integration of various components ensures a cohesive online presence and supports the church's growth and engagement with its community.

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