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Sunrift Electric

November 1, 2023

Client Background

Sunrift Electric, a leading electrical services company, approached NFDEVELOPMENT with the goal of establishing an online presence. As a company without a previous website, Sunrift Electric sought to not only have a digital platform but also wanted a comprehensive solution that included a backend database, a Resource Center, Case Studies, and Testimonials. NFDEVELOPMENT took on the challenge to create a robust website and define Sunrift Electric's brand identity.


  1. Establish an online presence for Sunrift Electric.
  2. Develop a backend database for efficient data management.
  3. Implement a Resource Center for sharing valuable industry information.
  4. Showcase Case Studies to highlight successful projects.
  5. Feature Testimonials to build credibility and trust.
  6. Create a brand identity that resonates with Sunrift Electric's values.


NFDEVELOPMENT devised a holistic solution that involved website design, backend development, and brand identity creation.

  1. Website Design: Designed a user-friendly and visually appealing website layout. Ensured responsiveness for seamless user experience across devices. Incorporated intuitive navigation for easy exploration.
  2. Backend Database: Developed a robust backend database for efficient data storage and retrieval. Implemented secure data management protocols to safeguard information.
  3. Resource Center: Created a dedicated section for a Resource Center. Populated the Resource Center with valuable industry insights, articles, and guides. Enabled easy updates and additions through the NFDEVELOPMENT Content Editor.
  4. Case Studies: Designed a Case Studies section to showcase Sunrift Electric's successful projects. Highlighted project details, challenges, and outcomes. Integrated multimedia elements for a comprehensive presentation.
  5. Testimonials: Incorporated a Testimonials section to feature client feedback. Emphasized positive experiences and outcomes to build trust.
  6. Brand Identity: Developed a unique and cohesive brand identity for Sunrift Electric. Crafted a  color scheme, and typography that aligned with the company's values. Ensured consistent branding across the website for a professional appearance.
  7. NFDEVELOPMENT Content Editor: Implemented the NFDEVELOPMENT Content Editor for easy client editability. Provided training and support for Sunrift Electric's team to manage and update content.


The collaboration resulted in the successful launch of the Sunrift Electric website. The client now has a dynamic online presence, complete with a backend database for efficient data management, a Resource Center for industry knowledge sharing, and dedicated sections for Case Studies and Testimonials. The brand identity reflects Sunrift Electric's values, and the use of the NFDEVELOPMENT Content Editor ensures easy content updates for the client.


Sunrift Electric fell in love with the website and continues to be a valuable tool for showcasing their expertise and success stories in the electrical services industry. NFDEVELOPMENT's comprehensive approach has not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, contributing to the growth and success of Sunrift Electric in the digital landscape.

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