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Think, Then Develop.

Our philosophy is to think, then develop. Far too often people dive into the digital world without first thinking and planning. We work very closely with businesses & provide solutions to clients with their business problem. We think, then we develop.

Nathan Felizzola


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We provide all kinds of business services with quality. Check all our services.

Website Development

Web development is the work of programming for design and interactivity. We can also say it's about delivering data in a way that makes sense to the human eye in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is an escalating area of success among many entrepreneurs and business owners. In a short period of time, digital marketing has become one the most important resources for reaching customers.

Content Creation

Needing expert advice on the latest business trends? You’ve come to the right place. We create everything from engaging presentations, reports, blogs, graphics and more.


Strong principles that drives our company and leads to successful projects.

UX is the sum of all things

There’s no style over substance here. We bring together form and the function to create something that looks good and performs brilliantly. Simple.

Clean Design

We believe that clean design is incredibly important when it comes to an eloquent user experience. Simple, minimal and effective. Nothing crazy confusing. Straight to the point.


Good design always caters to the needs of the user. Each project must have a clear purpose, and a way to fulfill a specific need for your project in the most effective way possible.


Effective communication is crucial and instrumental to the successful completion of any project. Constant communication with our clients is one of our top priorities.

Focus on Quality

This principle is what distinguishes the expert from the amateur, the professional from the hobbyist. Everyone can hack together a design, but few can create a high quality one.

Client Satisfaction

Our main goal is your satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, well... neither are we. Once you join us as a client, we consider you family and your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Why Us?

What sets us apart is our 4 step process to any
project that we embark on.

01. Research

Effective solutions are born from data and insight: we take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your business, empathize with your users, understand your competition and the problems or opportunities that you are seeking to address.

02. Strategy

Understanding what drives your customers or users and where these overlap with your business goals, help us uncover the ideal path to engagement. We build roadmaps to success that are backed by data-driven user and market research plus with our wealth of experience.

03. Design

Great design is essential to business. Our design-thinking lead process permeates our organization and culture. Our designers converge their design and business skills with your industry insight to create simple and memorable experiences for your users and customers.

04. Development

Through communication, collaboration and transparency, our flexible and agile process guides the projects from definition through developing and executing without a hitch. Whether a small or large company our work is always built for reliability, flexibility, and scale


Team Member


Positive Feedback


Sleepless Hours


Our clients love us because of our quality work and unmatched customer service.

Working with NFdevelopment over the past year on our Web Development, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Management and Photography has been a pleasure.

The work provided by NFdevelopment is incredibly professional. They are quick to respond and quick to take action when needed. Their communication, organization and quality of work is what truly distinguishes them from all other Digital Development Agencies. Looking forward to continued work with this company.

Ken Marshall

Perry Marshall Builders

NF development provides and overall wonderful experience. A truly attentive discovery process, solid communication, and well managed expectations. Quality work is delivered on time and the team is available to tend to any change or question. I would recommend NF Development and use them again myself.

Matthew Santalla

Driftwood Capital

NFdevelopment takes quality to an entirely new level. I have personally seen multiple projects that have been performed in a manner reflective of a top company in the world. I am truly impressed with the ability the company has to take my vision and turn it into something truly incredible, beyond what I am able to reproduce myself.

On top of that, the responsiveness was second to none - always answering all of my concerns, questions, and ideas quickly and efficiently.

I’d recommend any business looking for growth to pursue NFdevelopment, you will not be disappointed!

Geoff Doback


NFdevelopment has a great eye for design. Very clean and professional results. NFdevelopment is a great way to take your ideas to the next level.

Brandon Thompson

Manifold Analytics

Nathan is an awesome, bright young man who created an amazing system for us that no other company could achieve.  He has gone above and beyond every expectation.
We expect big things from this young man.

Julie Wassenaar

Stone Palace Corp

Working with NFdevelopment on a company website was an absolute delight.

The responsiveness, quality of service and customer care exhibited by this company surpasses all of their competitors. One of the most impressive qualities of this company was the ability to take the vision I had and turn it into a reality. The attention to detail and constant support was something that you just simply don’t get with their competitors. NFdevelopment truly makes you feel apart of the family and make you feel truly cared for. NFdevelopment is a passion driven team and a team that will meet your every expectation.

Would highly recommend anyone looking for growth and an outstanding team of talented individuals to check out NFdevelopment. They truly are the best of the best.

Belle Forino

Bosso Realty

Working with NFdevelopment was a wonderful experience. Not only was the team able to help provide meaningful recommendations and support, but they also listened to my needs and created a solution that fit best with my specific situation. I highly recommend NFdevelopment and plan on working with them in the future myself.

Phelippe Souza-Herod


NFDevelopment is a wonderful company. Very responsive, forward-thinking and willing go above and beyond with their services. My experience with them was great and I definitely recommend them to anybody looking for help with web development and marketing.

Gabriel Galvez

EXP Realty

The company of NF Development were extremely helpful in responding quickly by developing a quality logo for my digital marketing agency website and the service was fantastic, in terms of communication and making sure I had what I wanted for my logo and other advice for my small business. I expect to work with this company again in the nearby future for sure!

Kevin Ortiz

JK Digital Agency

Nathan is so easy to work with.  Always courteous and prompt.  He goes the extra mile.

Ron Wilber

Perry Marshall Builders

Would Highly Recommend!!!!

I have worked with NFdevelopment in the past and the team there is phenomenal. They work closely with you to get a deep understanding of your needs and provide best ways to communicate your values and message to your customers. More importantly, the team is extremely reliable and makes your timeline their priority. To top it all off the products/services that they deliver are top-notch with modern simplistic design that effectively represents your message while upholding your vision & mission.

Vamsi Hanumanthu


NFDevelopment is clear, concise, and excellent with all their communication. Each time NFDevelopment has work with me, it had been an absolute pleasure. They are responsive and always make sure they deliver what is promised.

Elijah Luckey

Huntington National Bank

When working with NFdevelopment for a logo that I needed for my digital marketing company they had a speedy turnaround time and was great with communication in terms of what I specifically wanted when I requested the logo, and the quality of their work was very commendable.

Julian Ortiz

JK Digital Agency