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Driftwood Capital

October 6, 2021

Driftwood Capital

The Driftwood Capital team was seeking a high end website developed to demonstrate all of their investment platforms.

The website that we produced for Driftwood Capital Hospitality consisted of multiple pages including many dynamic pages where the team would be able to create these types of pages without the knowledge of what is going on in the back-end. The website created consisted of multiple elements such as videos, photos, infographics, and much more to truly capture what they are capable of. This project's goal was to have a minimalistic website where a potential customer would be able to get as much information as possible in as little "page real estate" as possible. All in all this project was a huge success for both companies.

News Section

One of the things that were crucial for the project was the fact that they needed a database for all of their news. This news section would need to have custom filtration based off of parameters that they decided such as media outlet and year. This filtration system was created to suite the clients desire. Also, a Content Collection was created for them so that whenever they are wanting to add a new news article it would be as easy as posting something on a social media platform.


DealDirect is Driftwood Capital Hospitalities way to showcase the investment opportunities available. These pages were designed specifically with the purpose to display data in a minimalistic way so that the user would be able to capture as much information as needed in a small "deal card". If the user were to decide to get more information they would be able to click on the image "deal card" and head over to the investment opportunity where he/she would be able to have more information on the opportunity.

Collection Pages

As mentioned previously, many Content Collections were created for the ease of the client. These pages were created so that the client would be able to go in and edit content such as testimonials, news articles, and funds.

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