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Aguilas Coffee Roasters

February 2, 2022

Website Development

The Aguilas Coffee Roasters team was seeking a high end e-commerce website.

The website that we produced for Aguilas Coffee Roasters consisted of multiple pages including many dynamic pages where the team would be able to create these types of pages without the knowledge of what is going on in the back-end. The website created consisted of multiple elements such as videos, photos, infographics, and much more to truly capture their brand. This project's goal was to have a website where a potential customer would be able to get information on coffee along with purchase coffee. Along with this, we developed a page for "Aguilas Journal" which is a coffee focused blog that customers would be able to go to for all things coffee.


Along with the website development side of things, Aguilas Coffee Roasters was seeking a full branding package that would fully represent what they are all about. This included fonts, styles, logo design, etc. All of this was given as guidelines for Aguilas Coffee Roasters to follow on all things marketing and branding.

Social Media Management

The Aguilas Coffee Roasters team sought our help when it came to their social media management as well. We managed all of their postings, hashtags, and reach-out through Instagram.


Photography was crucial when it came to Aguilas Coffee Roasters. They hired us to create photos that would fully encompass their brand and everything they were trying to represent.

Digital Marketing

Lastly, our team worked tirelessly when it came to digital marketing for Aguilas Coffee Roasters. We wanted to make sure that they were reaching the right audience and get the best ROI as possible. We worked alongside their team to understand what they target market was and figure out what their wants were so that we could later target and re-target them leading them to their website.

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