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Sead Software

April 1, 2022

Website Development

Sead Software is a SaaS who's mission is to streamline operations of the Small to Medium Sized Marketplace through the application Low-Code, No-Code Technology. Sead Software was seeking a website that would fully encompass their existing branding while creating a more modern feel. The website consisted of multiple pages that would give information about their company as well as a resource section which would allow users to get free resources that Sead posted. The website also had a complex filtration system added to their resources allowing users to search resources with ease based on category, or simply a global search allowing for users to search anything. Along with this, the company decided they would like dark/light toggle on their site which would allow users to choose whether they wanted a "dark mode" UII or a "light mode" UI. All-in-all Sead Software was thoroughly impressed with the work and they look forward to continued work together.

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