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More Than a Logo: 5 things successful brands do besides having a logo

October 25, 2021

A brand is more than a logo or tee-shirt. It's what your company stands for and wants to accomplish. Your branding is your image, it tells people who you are and what you're about. Successful brands have 5 things in common: they tell their story, stand for something, don't just sell products but provide an experience, know which audience they want to target, and keep up with trends in design and technology.

They tell their story

Telling your story is something that every successful brand does. They don't simply sell products, they provide an experience and a story to go with it. For example, Starbucks isn't just selling coffee but the idea of community and providing somewhere for people to hang out that is cozy and inviting.

By telling a story you are setting your company apart from others and showing your brand's personality. Your story is immensely important when it comes to your branding because it's differentiating your business and tells customers what you stand for.

Stand for something

Companies that succeed when it comes to branding know how to stand for something. They don't just sell products, they provide a solution to their customers and stand for something important. For example, TOMS stands for "one-for-one" where with every purchase of shoes the company gives away another pair to someone in need.

By standing up for something your branding can bring about real change within your community and really make an impact. Not only will your branding be memorable but it'll also help you attract the right customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Don't just sell products but provide an experience

When it comes to branding, successful companies don't just sell products but provide an experience.  For example, Disney isn't simply selling movies but the idea of family fun with iconic characters and stories everyone knows.

By creating a memorable experience or "story" within your brand you're setting yourself apart from others in your industry. Everyone has access to the same technology, trends change very quickly so if you stick with something too long people will get bored with it which is why standing for something is important because even when things change they can still hold onto their values and what they believe in.

Know which audience they want to target

The audience you want to target is something that you should be thinking about from the get-go. When creating your branding, you should know what kind of customers are going to want to buy from you. For example, Harley Davidson doesn't just sell motorcycles but for those who value freedom and adventure which is why they target their audience by having a community that shares these values.

Knowing exactly who your brand wants or needs to attract will allow you to create something that suits them perfectly without wasting effort on people that won't be buying from you anyway. This can also help with marketing because if you know where they hang out online then this lends itself well when targeting them through advertising campaigns etc... Keep up with trends in design & technology

Keep up with trends in design and technology

In times where it seems like new technology is being developed every day, staying up to date with your branding can be tough. Trends change very quickly and if you're stuck in the past then it can make people feel like your company isn't as modern or relevant anymore which will affect how they view you as a brand.

By keeping up with trends in design means that when creating new products for customers there won't be any confusion about what it does because it'll look like something they've seen before and know how to use already. When sticking with outdated brands people might not trust them to provide them with good quality products, this happens especially often online where companies need to convey an idea of trustworthiness without even meeting their customer face-to-face yet.

Physiologically when it comes to design people are oftentimes more attracted to things that are "familiar" which is why sticking with outdated brands might hurt your sales in the long run.


In order to have good branding 5 things need to be considered such as whether the company stands for something, how it provides an experience, knowing which audience they want to attract, staying up-to-date on trends in design & technology, and not being stuck in old styles of branding that no longer works. By following these 5 steps companies can have great branding that will help them in their future.

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