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How to Approach SEO as a Busy Solo Entrepreneur: Optimize and Create

October 28, 2021

SEO has changed a lot in the last few years and it will continue to change in the future. If you are a busy solo entrepreneur, or have many other responsibilities, it can be hard to keep up with what is happening within SEO. This blog post is designed to help you create an effective SEO strategy for 2021 so that you can set realistic goals and not neglect your website's online presence.

If you are a solo-entrepreneur we want you to focus on 2 things. Optimizing existing content and creating new content.

Optimize Existing Content

One of the best ways to approach SEO is by optimizing your existing content. What we mean by this, is that you should already have a website and blog with lots of great information on it. Since this is there, you can continue writing new blogs and adding more pages for people who would be interested in learning more about what you teach or provide as an offering.

In addition to blogging once every week or two weeks depending on how much time you have available, make sure all your articles are well optimized! This does not mean stuffing them full of keywords either since Google will punish those kinds of practices now. Instead use keywords naturally throughout each article so they flow properly while still making sense to search engines at the same time. Optimizing titles and meta descriptions is another great way to get your website on the map for potential customers.

Looking at Google Search Console is another great way of looking at your data and figuring out what to optimize. Google Search Console will allow you  to see which keywords you rank for and what your competition is doing. By looking at the Search Console you will be able to optimize your content , titles, and meta descriptions better so you can get your website on the map for potential customers.

Create New Content

Creating new content is another great way to approach SEO. If you are not blogging or adding any other articles onto your website, this would be a good time to do it! Adding more pages and blog posts will allow for even more optimization possibilities since you can add keywords in the titles of these blogs as well (just don't stuff them with keywords).

Adding lots of content about different topics related to what people may search for based on what type of business or industry that you provide an offering for helps get your name out there which increases traffic by making it easier for potential customers who want information about whatever offerings they provide see your website when searching online. By doing so, Google thinks that if someone searches "dog food" then sees five results all about dog food, they will assume this is a good result for them and click on your link.

Creating new content also helps with social media marketing since you can post links to these articles or blog posts while promoting it through Facebook ads or other paid advertising services that may be available to you! Social media sites such as Facebook are an important part of online presence because people use their phones constantly throughout the day so when they see something interesting pop up in their newsfeeds, even if only every once in awhile, they will stop what they're doing and take a look at whatever it was. By creating more content related to what people search for within your industry and posting links to those pieces via social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest , Instagram etc. you will be able to bring more traffic and potential customers back to your website.


Optimizing and creating new content is really the top 2 things that you should be focusing when it comes to SEO  for your business. Make sure to optimize all the content that you already have, work on creating new blog posts and articles related to what people may be searching for online based on whatever type of offering you provide, and make sure to post these links via social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram so they can come across other potential customers' newsfeeds! By doing these things you are setting realistic SEO goals that are attainable and you will surly see results.

If you need help with your SEO strategy and how you can approach it as a busy Solo entrepreneur, feel free to reach out!

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