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Digital Marketing Strategies That Work: Engagement and Brand Awareness

September 30, 2021

Most companies are aware of the idea that digital marketing is an integral part of their business. However, many companies don't know where to start when it comes to implementing these strategies within the company. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive list of digital marketing tips so that your company can be more successful in 2021!

Spend Wisely

As with almost any marketing approach, it is important to be strategic when spending money on digital marketing. Effective strategies will require investment but it should not break the bank or drain your company's resources. You want results that make a difference and allow you to expand, so allocate your funds accordingly!

Some people think that if they simply drain the bank account, they will see the results. This is not true! Effective strategies take time and it's important to be patient, especially in this day and age where there are so many distractions vying for our attention.


Remarketing is the process of reaching out to people who have engaged with your company online. Whether they watched one of your videos, read an article that you published, or left a comment on social media pages is irrelevant - what matters most is showing them that their engagement was not in vain!

One way remarketing can be accomplished is through email marketing campaigns. However, it's important to be careful, as this method can cause people to feel bombarded and possibly turn them off from your company. It's important that you make sure the emails are relevant and don't come across as pushy or desperate. Effective remarketing campaigns will allow potential customers to interact with your brand positively!

Social Media

Using social media to leverage your business's online presence is another excellent strategy. Even if you're not currently using social media to grow your brand, it would be wise to start implementing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn into your digital marketing plan ASAP!

These days, most people are on at least one form of social media every day - so why not take advantage?

Make Your Website Responsive

Okay, so you finally got a client to give you a shot. Congratulations, that's huge. However, if you have not taken the time to make sure that your site is responsive and will look great on all devices it could be costing you business.

Statistically, people will drop out of websites in about three seconds if they don't look good enough. Your site has to be top-notch for it to compete with your competitors!

It doesn't matter whether someone is checking out your site on their smartphone or laptop - it should look good across all platforms.

Keep it Relevant

Many people are still marketing today as if we are still in the '90s. Billboards and print ads are good... we guess but it's time to catch up with the times. Effective strategies in this day and age will take into account online marketing as well!

One of the most important parts of your digital marketing efforts is making sure that it stays relevant to what you're trying to sell.


Effective strategies will take time and effort so make sure you give it everything you've got! Effective digital marketing strategies will allow your company to expand and create more growth opportunities.

By including these five tips into your campaign, surely, the effort will pay off in 2021.

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