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Can a One-Page Website Really Work for Your Business?

October 3, 2022

If you're like most business owners, you're always looking for ways to save time and money. After all, time is money, right? So when you're considering your website, you might be wondering if a one-page website can really work for your business.

The answer, in short, is yes! A one-page website can be an excellent solution for many businesses. Here's a closer look at the benefits and downsides of a one-page website and some things to keep in mind if you're considering this option for your business.

The Benefits of a One-Page Website

There are several benefits of having a one-page website, including the following:

They're Cost-Effective

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a one-page website is that they're cost-effective. If you're on a tight budget, a one-page website can be an excellent solution. You can still have all the features and functionality that you need without spending a lot of money.

A recent study showed that the average cost of a one-page website is $1,200. That's far less than the average cost of a six-page website, which is $6,600. So if you're looking to save money, a one-page website is definitely the way to go.

They're Quick and Easy to Set Up

Another great benefit of a one-page website is that they're quick and easy to set up. If you don't have a lot of time to spend on your website, a one-page website can be the perfect solution. You can have your website up and running in no time without having to put in a lot of effort.

With NFDEVELOPMENT,  you can have a one-page website up and running in as little as a week or two depending on the project and cooperation of the team. Our team of experts will brainstorm with you and make sure your getting the best possible one-page-website.

They're Highly Scalable

One-page websites are also highly scalable. If you need to add more pages or features to your website in the future, it's easy to do. You can simply add more sections to your one-page website as your business grows.

This is in contrast to traditional websites, which can be very difficult to scale. If you need to add more pages or features to a traditional website, you often have to start from scratch, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

They Can Be Easily Updated

Another benefit of a one-page website is that they can be easily updated. If you need to make changes to your website, it's easy to do with a one-page website. You won't have to worry about making changes to multiple pages or dealing with complex menus or navigation.

They Help You Focus on Your Key Message

When you have a one-page website, it forces you to focus on your key message. With multiple pages, it can be tempting to add extra content just because you have the space for it. However, this can actually detract from your overall message and confuse visitors to your site. With a one-page site, you only have room for the essentials which helps you stay focused on what's important - your key message!

The downsides of a One-Page Website

They can be frustrating for users who want to find specific information

Because one-page websites are, well, one page, they can be frustrating for users who want to find specific information. Given that there is typically no form of navigation on these sites,  users have to scroll through the entire page to find what they're looking for. This can be frustrating, especially if the user is looking for something specific and can't find it.

Search engines have a hard time indexing one-page websites

This is one of the bigger issues with one-page websites. Search engines have a hard time indexing one-page websites because there's not a lot of content for them to crawl and index. This can make it difficult for people to find your website through search engines, which is obviously not ideal.

May not rank as well in search engines

This sort of ties in with  the previous point. Because one-page websites are difficult for search engines to index, they may not rank as well in search engines. This means that your website may not show up as high in the search results, which can obviously have a negative impact on your business.

They can look unprofessional

One-page websites can also look unprofessional, especially if they're not designed well. If a one-page website looks messy or doesn't have a clear structure, it can reflect poorly on your business. This is why it's important to make sure that your one-page website is designed by a professional who knows what they're doing.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are also some things you need to keep in mind if you're considering a one-page site for your business. Here are a few tips to make your one-page-website the best it can be:

Make sure your content is scannable

When people visit your one-page-website, they want to be able to quickly scan the content and find what they're looking for without having to search through long paragraphs of text. Breaking up your content into smaller chunks with headlines and subheadlines will help make it more scannable and easier to read.

Don't forget about calls-to-action

Just because you have a one page site doesn't mean you should skimp on calls-to action! Make sure each section of your page has a call-to action that tells visitors what they should do next whether it's signing up for your newsletter or scheduling an appointment.

Take advantage of whitespace

Whitespace doesn't just make your page look more attractive, it also makes it easier to read. Use whitespace around headers and images and between sections of text to break up the content and make it more visually appealing as well as easier for visitors to read and digest information on your site.


One-page websites are a great option for businesses that want to simplify their web presence and focus on their key message. While there are some downsides to these types of sites, there are also ways to overcome them. Keep the tips above in mind if you're considering a one-page site for your business and you should be good to make an informed business decision.

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