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9 Favorite Design Trends for 2021

November 1, 2021

Design trends are constantly evolving. Designers are always looking for new ways to create innovative, creative design work that will capture the attention of consumers. Design is a crucial aspect in shaping an individual's perception of a company or organization - and it's important to stay on top of what people want! Design trends change every year, but there are some that stand out as being especially popular among designers right now. In this blog post we'll go over 9 of our favorite design trends for 2021!

Asymmetry Design

Asymmetry Design was a hot trend back in 2018, but it's still around and is expected to be retain popularity for 2022 as well. Designers are always looking for new ways to create interesting designs that will draw customers' attention - asymmetrical design does just this by creating an eye-catching layout! Asymmetry Design consists of aligning  objects along a diagonal line or askew, creating an interesting and unusual design. Designers are choosing asymmetry over symmetry because it's different from what people have been used to seeing in the past - which means that customers will take notice right away!

Dark Mode Design

In the past, Designers have been using lighter color palettes to produce a more positive and upbeat design. However, as technology has progressed and become integrated into every aspect of our lives, Designers are finding that many people want their designs to be dark! This is particularly true for websites or apps that focus on themes like horror movies (e.g., Netflix). Designers who create promotional material for these types of content usually incorporate Dark Mode Design because they're trying to attract consumers by creating an intense feeling - which often includes darker colors! Customers expect it now - so don't forget about incorporating this trend in your own branding strategy if you haven't already done so.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization Design is a relatively new trend that has taken the Design industry by storm. Designers are always looking for ways to create innovative designs, which means they're starting to incorporate data visualization into their work! Data visualization is defined as the presentation of information in visual forms - it's becoming more popular because many people are able to understand complex concepts better when they can see them visually presented. For example, if you wanted to give an overview about how much time students spend studying various subjects each day, instead of writing out numbers and explanations you could simply use Data Visualization design elements like pie charts or bar graphs! This makes your message easier for customers to digest quickly while also giving examples showing what strategies might be most effective for them.

Flat Illustrations

Designers are always looking for new trends that will give their work a unique edge - and this is why Flat Design Illustrations have become so popular lately. Designers like to keep things simple, which means they're drawn towards flat design illustrations because the lack of depth gives it an interesting look! Flat Design isn't necessarily easy to achieve but there are many advantages in using it! For example, since everything has only one level of depth (i.e.,  no gradients or shadows), designers can create graphics that match each other more easily without having to worry about getting any details wrong. Furthermore, the smoothness makes colors appear brighter than usual - which can be helpful if you want your designs to stand out against competitors'.

Mascot Design

Mascot Design is a relatively new trend that has been gaining popularity in the Design industry lately. Designers have always used images or characters to help their designs stand out from competitors, but they continue looking for new ways to do this! One interesting way designers are doing this now is by creating mascot design - which consists of using simple geometric shapes and colors to create an illustrated character that can be attached to your brand. Mascots might look similar at first glance, but there's also great diversity among them because it allows you more freedom when designing something unique! For example, if you want people to remember your mascot easily then one good strategy is adding some sort of eye-catching accessory like a hat or glasses.

Minimalism Design

Minimalism Design is a trend that has been around for a while, but it still continues to grow in popularity. Designers love minimalism because it gives them more freedom - they can easily create designs without worrying about including too many details or colors! Minimalist design usually consists of using geometric shapes and flat color palettes with white space as the dominant feature on your website. In addition, this style allows you to focus more on the content itself which helps make websites easier to use by customers! For example, if you're designing an online store then removing all unnecessary elements will help simplify things so people don't get confused when trying to find items they want to purchase.

Motion Logos

Motion Logos is a trend that has been around for some time, but it's still growing in popularity. Designers have always thought of new ways to create interesting designs - and this includes using different types of media within your design! One example you'll see more often these days are motion logos - which consist on adding animation or graphics into the logo itself so it can stand out from competitors'. Motion Logos usually come in two forms: either an animated version where the logo moves slightly every few seconds, or a static version with graphical elements moving inside. Either way, designers love creating them because they add another element of creativity to their work while also helping brand recognition!

Overlapping Designs

Overlapping designs is a trend that has been growing more popular in the Design industry - and for good reason! Designers love using overlapping because it gives them more creative freedom, especially if they're designing something with flat colors. One example of this design technique you'll see commonly today are textured images which consist on adding one or two graphics over your image to give it an interesting look without being too difficult to create. For designers who want something easier to do, simply adding some sort of pattern will also help make things pop out more as well!

Classic Fonts Design

Classic fonts have been a staple in the Design industry for many years now, but Designers still continue to use them because they add an interesting touch. One example you'll commonly see today are classic serif fonts - which consists of including small lines at the end or beginning of letters such as 'l' and 'h'. Serifs (or "feet") like these were used by hand-writing artists who wanted different elements to stand out more clearly when creating their work! Today we don't really need that anymore since we can easily copy text using computers, but it's become part of our design culture and designers will always include it on logos and headlines!


Trends in Design can change very quickly, but we're predicting that these will be the top Design trends for 2021! For more information about upcoming design and branding trends follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and our Blog.

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