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8 Types of Google Ads: How to Fuel Sales

October 21, 2021

Are you looking for a way to increase your sales? Google Ads might be the answer you are looking for. 5 Types of Google Ads is an article that will teach you how to use 5 different types of ads on Google in order to fuel your sales!

Search Ads

Google search ads are an extremely powerful type of Google ads. How do they work? Well, when a user is searching for certain keywords in the search engine, your ad pops up with a link to your website and you pay per click! You can choose where your ads show up by selecting which websites they will appear on or make them display only on mobile devices.

Search ads can really fuel your sales by sending you highly qualified traffic at the moment they are searching for what you offer.

Display Ads

Display ads are a type of ad that Google places on third-party websites. Display ads work by  sending traffic to your website without you having to pay for each click. How do they work? Well, Google determines where the ads will be shown based on contextual targeting or keywords that are related to what is being advertised. If you have ever seen an ad on the side of a website this is most likely  an example of a Google display ad.

How can they help you fuel sales? Well, if are using Display Ads correctly, you can retarget and collect data on users that visit your website. How does this help you increase sales? Well, if a user has visited your website and left without making any purchases or signing up for an email list retargeting ads can be used to remind them of what they missed out on in order to fuel more sales! This means that you can show them your ad on a different website and they will be reminded of your company, product/service.

Video Ads

Video ads are a great way  to target customers that are more visual. How do they work? Well, Google will place your video ads on YouTube and other websites with high traffic levels. You then pay for each view of the ad or when it is clicked to take them directly to you website/product page.

What does this mean for sales? It means that these types of ads can be used in order to get converting users by exposing them visually to what you offer without having to actually visit your site! This is an extremely powerful way advertise as well since viewers may not feel comfortable purchasing products online so showing them videos on sites like Youtube could help reduce their fear level which will increase conversions rates!

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are not used for services rather for  product sales. How do they work? Well, Google will place your ads on third-party websites that are specifically for shopping (like Amazon). Shopping Ads act like normal text ads but instead of sending users to other sites you send them directly to the product page on your website!

How does this help with sales? It can increase revenue by making it easier and more convenient for customers since they no longer have to visit a different site in order to make their purchase.

Smart Ads

Smart ads are just that; smart. How do they work? Well, Smart Ads help you determine what ads are shown to users based on their browsing history and interests. How does this help increase sales though? Well, if a user has displayed interest in certain products or websites Google will show them relevant ads which could lead to an increased conversion rate!

You can also use different data points including keywords, demographics or location so that your website is displaying the ad(s) most likely to be clicked by  users.  moment. How do they work? Well, Google will use data from consumer searches in order to predict which type of ad might be more appealing to an individual user.

Local Ads

Local ads are meant for ads that relate to local searches. How do they work? Well, Google will show your ad to users based on their location and what is near them! How does this help you increase sales? It can be used in order to send highly qualified traffic by making sure that the ads are being shown only to people who  are looking for what you offer in their local area!

Local ads can help you with brand awareness in your city as well,  which can help with future sales since you are building trust with your consumers in the area.

Discovery Ads

Google discovery ads are  similar to smart ads since they are also based on what you might like. How do discovery ads work? Google will show your ad when users search for certain topics or products/services that you offer! How does this help increase sales? It can be used in order to gain more attention by showing up at the top of searches so that users see your company name and remember it later which could eventually lead to an increased conversion rate!

Discovery ads combine visuals with targeting features which can be used to gain attention in a crowded marketplace.


We hope you learned  about the different types of Google Ads and how you can use them in order to fuel sales! If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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