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CITG En Español (CITGE) is a local spanish church who's mission is to be a disciple and make a disciple. CITGE was seeking a website that would fully encompass their existing branding while creating a modern appearance. The website consisted of multiple pages that would give information about their church as well as a complex filtration system for their Sunday sermons. Along with this they desired multiple dynamic pages such as a "leaders" page, a "ministries" page, and an "events" page that would all be able to be updated through an easy to use content editor. As for the complex filtration system that was implemented, we were able to create a database that would hold all of the sermons in one place and categorize them by date, speaker, year and also a global search to search for anything. Along with this, the company decided that they wanted to have an eCommerce aspect to the website which would allow church congregants to purchase church merch at anytime and have these items delivered directly to their house. Along with all of this, CITGE wanted to make sure that the website had animations and integrations all throughout giving it a modern and intricately designed feel. All-in-all CITGE was thoroughly impressed with the work and they look forward to continued work together.

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